Experts called To benefit, Water sharing Experiment between Countries Nile Basin, and using it in the Middle east

Entebbe\ masahat /Adel fakhir

A number of experts In the field of water from Iraqis and Arabs, called the Decision makers in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria To benefit from the experiment of the Nile Basin countries in the continent of Africa, about Water sharing, through, A long-term contract agreements, To Peace prevails between the Riparian Middle East countries, And Those calls started through the Works of the Conference Which was held by the (Group Strategic Clairvoyance), Within Blue peace Initiative, At the headquarters of the Nile Basin Initiative organization, in Entebbe City When the Lake Victoria is, In Uganda, East Africa, On water sharing experience between Nile Basin countries, the period from, 8-10 / August 2016, An official presence and Experts and academics and Journalists, Specialists In the water, seas, rivers and dams field, from Iraq,and Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Uganda, Senegal and other African countries.

And the Conference Include Showing the Ugandan side About the most important agreements concluded between the Nile Basin countries, Such as Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, As well as Conversations representatives from other countries within the Nile Basin, And display The most important benefits obtained by the Countries Within a fair division and The optimal use of water, Also included A visit to the dam (Jinja Dam), In Uganda To inform delegates on the importance of the dam.

Geng Dam

Mentions that the Owen dam in the Ugandan city of Jinja, the major projects implemented on the Nile, It provides electrical power for Each Uganda and Kenya, in addition to his capabilities irrigation.
The dam Was held On the Nile If he left the Lake Victoria, And The work is done in full In 1954, While Uganda was a British colony.

The water crisis could last without cooperation

Executive Director of the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform Dr. Maha al Zaidi said,that “the Iraq Of the water side It depends on the submitted Countries,And they are Turkey, Iran and Syria, on the water, Which is suffering from, Water scarcity, Because of the absence of strategic agreements Among those Countries to share water equitably, And The water crisis could last in Iraq in the future, On Iraq, resorting to find methods To convince those riparian Countries to establishment of a joint water management, And benefit from the experiences of African countries in the Nile Basin”.

And she added “African countries in the Nile Basin, Despite suffering from water problems, In Lake Victoria, managed to find a common management and advanced in a fair sharing of water, Thinking in terms of that administration began in the seventies of the last century, Even the preparation of feasibility study, And carry out the task of dams which are common dams, And implementation cost is also shared, And also divided among themselves on different bases, According spaces, As in the joint management of the Senegal and the River Nile and other countries”.

Cooperation is the only way to the Peace between the riparian countries

Great strategies and water policy experts, A faculty member at the University of Dohuk, Dr. Ramadan Hamza,sees that “Africa has been able to cooperate, The rivers basines management level which pass within the territory of the Dark Continent in the water File management and avoid conflict, As one of the ways To improve transparency, accountability and participation for Water Management Better and more sustainable management whereas there is Enormous water resources in Africa, Dark Continent owns about 9% of the world’s water, While the population is not only more than 11 % of the world’s population”.

Hamza said “Rivers of the Congo, Nile, Senegal,are Examples,but The fact that water resources are not distributed on a regular basis Around the globe As well as in Africa, the many areas of abundant water and other areas suffer from itching and drought It may be in the same state, As is the case in Ethiopia, Africa vertebra is the driest continent after Australia”.

Hamza added “Decision makers realized the importance of the water issue for the future of the continent They put cooperation in the field of shared river basins cross borders to more than one country Their eyes monument at the forefront of the development agenda beyond 2015”
He pointed to” The governments of the riparian states Work hard and persistently to promote and support transboundary water institutions efforts, And to maintain the quality of water and ease the exchange and facilitate access to information Concerning the water sector from all facets, All of these steps encourage foreign investment and enhance the chances for peace and reduce poverty factors”.

He Explained that “If Turkey planned to cooperate with the center and the downstream states Syria and Iraq, As we have noted from the experience of Africa, The building on the achievements of the achievement in the basins of the Tigris and Euphrates It will be easy to overcome such obstacles Concerning state sovereignty And to look at the subject of swapping oil with water, As Africa’s success stories in the generation of cheap renewable energy And River transport un expensive and benefits of other unforeseen,considered form that can be emulated in the field of cooperation between the riparian countries to the Tigris and Euphrates Concerning cooperation in joint international waters in the area of the region”.

Hamza confirmed that “Arab society is suffering from a severe crisis in the water, , And the fact that water and determine the form of the customs and traditions of the social life of the communities and condition generally Especially since most of the water sources originate from outside the borders of Iraq, There is a significant decrease in the levels of surface and ground water and exposed to various contaminants Tlut climate that is sweeping the region and the changes, and he point to The need to pursue policies and strategies for the future of the region In light of diminishing water resources and threats to the geographical proximity of the countries of Iraq, cut off and reducing the incoming water to the country”.

The importance of Egypt’s cooperation with the Nile Basin countries

For her part, Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation of Jordan Dr. Maysoon Zoubi,said “Conference held in Entebbe, Uganda, A meeting of experts from the Middle East and Africa A special character because it concerns one of our brotherly Arab Egypt, And according to what has been inform us of it, this river for many African countries, mostly upstream countries, which in the case of the growth and development and needs of a growing water”.

The conference was organized in collaboration with the Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (SIDA), In a series of conferences and meetings to promote peace between the riparian states, Splitting water in a fair, And to find peaceful solutions and the optimal use of water, Away from the water for differences.

And Zoubi called The Egyptian Arabic Republic to The need for cooperation in order to ensure preservation of what you get now from the water resources of the Nile River,if the water was enough or get help from the countries of the Nile Basin Initiative in the event of reduced water allocations, Instead of freezing membership and distance from the decision-making being the existence or lack of the crucial decisions will be taken, An example of the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia Where studies are under way on the feasibility of construction of the damAnd indeed implemented near completion And is expected next year to run, The fact that the most important objectives of the initiative to reach equilibrium and justice in the sharing of the quota among the African countries, riparian, This means that there is no guarantee for Egypt to maintain its existing shareholdings and mind acquired rights”.

Africa to benefit from the experience and apply them in the Middle East

And lessons learned from this experience about the relations between Turkey and Iraq, Zoubi stressed the need for cooperation, Especially since Turkey has many plans for the implementation of many of the dams, If Iraq was not present and familiar with these plans Will be done without reference to her and lose more water rights, Therefore, the cooperation on the integrated management of shared water and translate this into cooperation agreements bind the two parties with the need to follow-up and monitoring to make sure that the contracting parties commitment to the terms of the agreements, including”.

Zoubi explained “It is not possible to make the unstable political situation in the Middle East region as a pretext for a lack of cooperation as we have seen through this visit, Cooperation in this group started between all the countries that were suffering from wars between them and the problems, Now we see these cooperative and united states free of any problems between them”.

Referred to Strategic Foresight Group, Is an international think tank, is working with 50 countries on four continents, in order to bridge the gap in viewpoints between the riparian states and preventing armed conflicts over water,

Also noteworthy that”Blue Peace”,Initiative launched by Swiss President Micheline Calmy in February 2011 for cooperation between the Middle East countries in the field of water, in an effort to divert water element in the Middle East, a peace element, instead of being a factor in fueling conflict and wars.

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